Roy Keane Disappointed By Arsenal Celebration

Like most of the Football pundits, Roy Keane also didn’t like the way the players of Arsenal went crazy in their celebrations after they get better of Wigan Athletic in the return leg of the FA Cup semi final clash.

Being a Premier League side, the Gunners were always the favourites in that game, but, their performance was under par for most parts of the game and at the end of 120 minutes (90 + extra 30), the scores were levelled at 1-1 which meant that the game had to be taken into the penalty shoot outs in which Arsenal eventually won by 4-2.

The Arsenal players went nuts after that win. They celebrated as if they had secured a big Premier League win. Quite a few people were surprised by that kind of celebration by them.

Wigan was after all a Championship team. So, beating them was something that should not have been considered a big thing by the Arsenal players.

The reason behind that animated celebration by Arsenal might be their trophy drought. They have not lifted silverware in the last 9 seasons and here they have a chance to do that now. So, it’s that which might have got them carried away.
Still, Keane reckons that they shouldn’t have celebrated that way as that was “Unbecoming”.

Speaking in a post match programme, Keane said, “I think they forgot that they had defeated only a Championship team and that too in penalties. It could have gone either way at the end.”

“I could have understood if they had won the final and then celebrated, but, to celebrate in this fashion after beating a comparatively weaker team in the semi final; I would say that’s unbecoming.”

The final match of the FA Cup will be played on 17th of May at the Wembley Stadium and Arsenal’s opponent in that match will be Hull City.

Kompany Chats Rubbish

Roy Keane, the expert from ITV completely disregards Vincent Kompany’s comment that Barcelona were “there for the taking”. He replied to the Manchester City skipper saying that Kompany has got no clue what he is speaking about. Post Manchester City was defeated to Barcelona by 2-0 during the 1st leg of their final sixteen Champion League tie, Vincent Kompany commented that not in the slightest way were the opponents better than them.

Stressing of the fact that it was quite tough Vincent Company commented that at the point when it was 11 versus 11 between Manchester City and Barcelona, a little too much consideration was shown to them and team Barcelona were there just for the taking. He was bent upon the fact that Barcelona was definitely not one of the toughest competitions they had faced this season of the game regardless of the fantastic show Tata Martino’s team displayed at the Etihad.

However Vincent Kompany added that Barcelona as a team was extremely efficient and, their phenomenal team quality could be experienced very well, while playing against them. The team’s effort made it very hard to wrap up the game in their behalf.

Nevertheless, no matter how good a team they are, Barcelona is definitely not the team which put up the best show against them this season. He assured that if today’s match is similar as before and Manchester City can cleverly steer clear from unwanted fouls, then they still have a good chance of bagging the game. Roy Keane wasn’t much convinced though by the comments passed by Vincent Kompany, who said that the latter must be too tired post the game, and he isn’t much sure that Kompany knows what he is saying.

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Former star of Manchester United Roy Keane says that Sir. Alex Ferguson has a massive ego and despite the Scottish tactician taking a step down from coaching the team, Keane believes that he is still trying to control Manchester United.

Roy Keane played with the Manchester United jersey for 12 years and after things got sour with Ferguson in 2005, Keane had to leave United. Keane spoke in a documentary and claimed that despite the large time he has spent working and playing together with Sir. Alex Ferguson in Manchester United, his relationship with him is non-existent.

In Sir. Alex Ferguson’s autobiography that he released not too long ago, he praised Roy Keane for “covering every blade of grass” in the 1999 Champions League semi-final second leg against Juventus. Even though Ferguson was praising Keane, the former player of United said that he was insulted by that.

Keane added: “Stuff like that almost insults me. I get offended when people give quotes like that about me. It’s like praising the postman for delivering letters.”

The 42 years old Irish assistant football manager of Republic of Ireland had to take an abrupt departure with Manchester United after his relation with Ferguson got out of control and he claimed that it was a horrible way to end things.

“Of course I was upset: I did shed a few tears in my car for about two minutes.

“But I also told myself I had to get on with my life. I walked out with nothing, I had no club lined up and I was injured. I told David Gill I had been injured playing for Man United’’.

“Of course I was upset: I did shed a few tears in my car for about two minutes. But I also told myself I had to get on with my life. I could have played for Manchester United easily for another couple of years.”

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